Security is a must have these days,

with the increase of cyber crime becoming more and more prevalent each day it's not enough just to have an Anti-Virus program, one needs far more to be safe.


There are vast number of Anti-Virus vendors out there, some good, some not so good.

The one that tends to be on everyone's lips is Norton,

it's probably the most common AV vendor out there for the Home End user.

Is it any good ? I would say sure it's good. Is it the best ? No.


Truth is there is No One single AV program that will give Supreme-Ultimate Protection,

AV programms just work too differently to be 100% effective Every time.

Some people will have you believe McAfee does it all or Kaspersky, not true.

They will do A job as will every other AV but the facts are some Malware will be detected by some and not others, this is the way things are,

we don't have to like it be we do have to accept it.


There is a HUGE debate among various users as to which is better, Subscription AV's or Free AV's, both have their advantages and disadvantages.

My advice is Do Your Research and then make a decision.


Anyway not to bang on about endless debates here are a few tips I would advise:




A great little program very good for cleaning out your system

without doing any real damage unlike some Reg Cleaning programs.

I use this product on my own system as well as all my clients computers,

it runs as and when you want it to and even has the ability to remove programs and more.


Spyware Blaster


Another great little program uses next to Zero resources

and just runs in the background protecting your Browsers

from malicious adware and such,

it's so light you really won't believe it's running.




Is a decent AV that offers very good protection

and my personal preference of the

Free AV's




MalwareBytes Anti Malware is an Anti-Spyware product which can be run in Real Time

or when user required,

is effective and reliable and works well with most AV's.




SUPERAntiSpyware is another product along the lines of MBAM,

works well with AV's and can be used in Real Time or when user required,

is efficient and effective and can be used as back up (second opinion) to MBAM and vice versa.




Avast AV comes in three forms, the free version gives you basic protection,

the Pro version (Internet Security) gives support and extra security features, and the Premier version which gives full support and comes with Auto Patching and Data Shredder.


These are just a smidgen of some of the programs I use,

and that are available to help you keep control of your Sysytem.