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I started out in computers back in the days of the Commodore 64,

I remember typing (what seemed like endless code)

just to make a albeit pixelated hot air balloon fly across the screen.

But mainly it was for the joy of playing the games of that era.


I then turned my attentions to Windows 95,

oh dear, that was a mistake.

Later came Windows 98 a vast improvement over its predecessor but again

it was about the games (if I'm honest).


After that hype was over I stumbled across XP.

An easy to use OS with simple means for simple pleasures,

but something was not right in that little bad boy.

Roll on a few years later and we started to hear of all the flaws

that OS had.

(Windows eh? Still, what're you going to do?)


Then Vista came along like a stereotypical lemming

dragging its legs behind it.

However, where as some / many hated Vista I loved it.

Vista allowed me to learn far more about an OS than all the previous

systems I played with, this,

is where my love of computing really started.


Since those days I have become an avid user of various

Linux distros, as well as 'tinkering' with the later Windows OS's.

To which led me further down the path of Open Source.

(honestly, what are MS playing at?)