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"The 'Geek', when he seems to himself to be observing a computer,

is really, if physics is to be believed,

observing the effects of the computer upon himself".

~modification of a quote

by Bertrand Russell

Based in Ormesby St. Margaret and providing technical support to the Great Yarmouth area

both face-to-face and via Remote support*

(*remote support is for existing clients on a subscription basis only)


CompTIA certified technician with a background in basic Web Design (Adobe Dreamweaver), compliant with XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8, Linux distros and a real 'stickler' for Security.

Primarily working with Laptop repairs both Software and Hardware.


I provide a No Fix - No Fee service with zero hidden charges, so that's:

  • No Charge for Labour
  • No Hourly Rates
  • No Call Out Fees

Just simple and straight forward prices,

with a Discount for Senior Citizens (what could be better).


If you would like a Friendly one-to-one service,

with time taken over your machine to ensure you have a healthy system,

and an explanation in Layman's terms,

then you've come to the right place.


So for expert advice that you can understand, contact your friendly geek next door.


Namely me.


Telephone: 0871 974 99 75


Services Provided are:
















  • Malware Removal


  • Anti-Virus advice


  • Anti-Spyware advice


  • Data Recovery


  • Secure Data Wipe


  • File Conversions


  • Blackberry Support


  • Android Tablet Support


  • Browser Security


  • System Configurations


  • System Repairs


  • Troubleshooting System Errors


  • OS Installations


  • Remote Support*


  • General Maintenance